Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB Review

The Good
  • New design is impressively glossy and offers a smaller footprint than older models
  • 250GB of built-in storage for games, movies, data, and other files
  • Smaller power brick than the older Xbox 360 model.
The Bad
  • Standard definition cables included, but HDMI and component cables left out
  • No new “killer feature” aside from built-in storage and Dashboard update
The Verdict

The Xbox 260 250GB is a worthy refresh of the storied Xbox 360 console line, with a smaller footprint and new features that are designed to keep it current.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB [Review]

The original Xbox 360 model was released in 2005, with a stark white finish that was quite a contrast to the original Xbox that people had come to know and love. The most recent refresh to the Xbox 360 line, the Xbox 360 250GB, heads back in the other direction. This refreshingly black, glossy design comes with updated features and components that are designed to bring the Xbox in line with today’s most cutting-edge consoles, like the Wii U and the PlayStation 3. It’s a worthy attempt and one that will resonate with fans of the console.


It’s important to note upfront that there was really no issue with the original design of the Xbox 360. Originally released in white, it later came in a matte black finish known as the “elite” model. The current 250GB version builds on that black model quite a bit. The matte finish has been thrown out in favor of a glossy black design, and the black accidents have been tossed aside for chrome design enhancements that make the new Xbox design seriously upscale and flashy.

The device also comes with an entirely new footprint, roughly 17 percent smaller than the original Xbox 360 line that was released eight years ago. It’s not the same as the “mini” PlayStation 2 that was released a few years after the original by Sony, but it’s a step in the right direction. Overall, customers will appreciate a smaller footprint and a stunning new design that embraces the best of this decade’s industrial aesthetic.


The Xbox Dashboard has been significantly updated to coincide with the release of the Xbox 360 250GB model, notably to accommodate for the complete omission of storage media on the front of the console. Instead, all storage is done by using the built-in 250GB hard disk drive inside the console.

The Dashboard seems to get more usable with each update, and that’s certainly the rule here. The original Xbox

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Dashboard as a clunky mess that wasn’t very usable and was hard to navigate. The most recent model takes its design cues from Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and that is a very good thing for avid gamers who demand quick access to real-time information and settings.


Microsoft has worked to reduce the noise made by the console during particularly challenging games, and it’s notably quieter than any other Xbox the company has released during the brief history of this console line. The real features, though, come from upgrades and enhancements that make small improvements across the board.

Removable storage media is now no longer required, bringing the console firmly into the era of hard disk storage and cloud-based distribution. That is a really good thing, especially in light of similar features included with the newest Nintendo and Sony consoles. HDMI outputs are included, as is a Kensington lock port and a Kinect port for the company’s innovative motion-sensing add-on. Wireless and wired connectivity options remain.


Loading games from the console’s hard drive was fast and remarkably efficient, which is really good news for gamers who have long been frustrated with the optical drive’s poor performance. That poor performance remains in place with the updated model, however, which is a serious disappointment.

Even so, the console remains one of the best on the market with the widest array of features and an exciting new design that will make it appealing to new and old gamers alike.


The Xbox 260 250GB is a worthy refresh of the storied Xbox 360 console line, with a smaller footprint and new features that are designed to keep it current.

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