PSP 3000 Review

The Good
  • Bigger, more colorful screen
  • Skype is pre-installed with a built-in mic
  • Tons of great games
The Bad
  • Scan lines and jagged edges remain screen
  • Glare can be distracting
  • Inconvenient browser and data entry
The Verdict

The PSP 3000 is a great upgrade to the PlayStation Portable line and, despite a few shortcomings, it represents a worthy buy for avid PlayStation fans.

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PSP 3000 Review

Sony’s PlayStation Portable line, often abbreviated PSP, offers a number of different models to buyers based on their preferences and the generation of technology that they think will meet their needs. The PSP 3000 represents a middle-of-the-road approach to mobile gaming that the company hopes will resonate with gamers of all types. Its features are pretty impressive, too, and that means it stands a good chance at selling in large numbers.


Anyone who is familiar with the PSP line of devices will feel right at home with the PSP, though it is quite

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a bit wider and narrower than the original PSP that Sony unveiled a few years ago. The PSP 3000 is also considerably lighter than older models, which will come as a welcome relief to gamers who got tired of holding the much heavier PSP of old.

Controls are placed in a thoughtful way that makes gameplay easy and not tiring at all. The design of the device itself is done largely in black, and it’s appealing. Sony knows how to work with a minimalist aesthetic while still promoting excellent and ergonomic use of its devices, and it shows.


The PSP line of devices has always benefitted from Sony’s expert human interface design engineers, and the PSP 3000 is no exception. The user interface will come as no big surprise to those familiar with the PSP line. It’s simple, responds well to manual controls, and makes it easy to navigate between games and apps. It’s hard to ask for much more form a fully featured mobile gaming platform in the 21st century.


Perhaps one of the most striking features is the inclusion of Skype, a microphone, and a web browser, all of which take advantage of the Wi-Fi connectivity bundled with the PSP 3000. The device is, of course, primarily for gaming, and it excels in that area with relative ease. But it’s nice to see Sony include features that go above and beyond strictly enabling gaming on the go.

Games can be added via the Memory Stick port on the device, which represent a significant added cost after purchase. Even so, if you know about the cost beforehand, it won’t be as much of a deterrent as it’s pretty much just part of the parcel.


The PSP 3000 uses a more powerful chipset than preceding models, giving it an edge when loading games as well as the included series of applications. The performance improvements will certainly be noticeable to those who owned PSP models from the previous generation, and they’ll likely appreciate the shorter waiting time required before they can get involved in the action.


With its sleek design, better screen, and faster operation, the PSP 3000 is a sure bet for those who are committed to Sony’s mobile platforms within the gaming industry. The model offers excellent design, a number of great bundled features and applications, and Memory Stick compatibility that most have come to expect. Those features make the PSP 3000 a solid buy for long-term gaming and enjoyment across the board.

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