PSP Go Review

The Good
  • Convenient built-in storage
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows it to pair well with PlayStation consoles
  • Slimmer and more appealing design
The Bad
  • Proprietary memory card format
  • Awkward placement of controls
  • Battery cannot be replaced
The Verdict

The PSP Go is a good mobile gaming platform, but it’s not great, as it suffers from some major flaws.

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PSP Go Review

Sony’s original PlayStation Portable, or PSP, was one of the most well received mobile gaming platforms in history. The company had long been lagging in the mobile gaming market, and its legion of loyal fans bought the PSP in huge numbers. The PSP Go is an attempt to follow that success with an innovative new design and some other enhancements, but it falls a bit short and falls just shy of being a “must-have” upgrade for anyone that already owns a PSP.


Perhaps the most notable thing about the PSP Go is its slider design, sleek curves, and almost entirely black appearance. A large screen takes center stage, or at least it looks large. In fact, it’s no bigger than the screen included with the PSP at its own launch some time ago. Furthermore, the placement of controls on this device makes it awkward to hold and hard to use effectively when gaming.

The PSP Go initially looks really great, and some people will find it fantastic to use. Others, though, will tend to find it awkward and underwhelming, especially if they already own a PSP.


Sony never disappoints when it comes to the user interface paired with its gaming consoles. The PSP Go is no disappointment here, and it largely takes its cues from the interface that was bundled with the initial PSP release. Some improvements have been made, most notable to the menus that allow for exploring internal storage. Other than that, though, the interface is predictable and well designed. It would be hard to argue that those two things are really good for end users.


The primary selling point of the PSP Go is that it omits the need for UMD cards when purchasing games and using them with the device. Instead, all games must be obtained via Sony’s proprietary M2 memory stick technology or the internal storage that is included with the device. AT 16GB, that’s plenty of storage for most gamers. Still, though, this feature will be considered by some to be a drawback. It all depends on the gamer’s prerogative and the way they tend to use their portable gaming consoles. If removable games are a must-have feature, then the PSP Go is probably not the best option.


Performance is exactly as good as one would expect from a refresh to the popular PSP portable gaming line. It’s a bit better than last-generation models, which is refreshing. It’s not lightning fast, though, so a little patience will be required when loading games and perusing internal storage. Either way, this is an area of great improvement by Sony and one that deserves praise when considering the full scope of the PSP Go’s features and benefits.


The Sony PSP Go is a good effort when it comes to succeeding the original PSP. Unfortunately, its screen size is underwhelming and its controls are awkwardly placed. Those with a Sony PSP already will want to pass on this model, but those who are new to the franchise may be persuaded to try

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