PSP Vita Review

The Good
  • Absolutely impressive graphics quality that nearly matches the PlayStation 3
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built-in wireless connectivity gives the model an edge
The Bad
  • Expensive memory cards are required for use
  • Proprietary connections and technologies require after-purchase expenses
  • Anti-piracy technologies have made the device a bit quirky during file transfers
The Verdict

The PlayStation Vita is an amazing gaming platform that is far bigger and better than its 5-inch OLED display might imply.

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PSP Vita [Review]

Ever since the introduction of Nintendo’s inaugural GameBoy portable gaming platform, major players in the industry have understood the necessity of giving their fans a mobile gaming solution. Sony is no different, and its PlayStation Vita option is one of many ways that it’s giving its fans a way to game outside the living room. Its technology, interface, and features, are among the best in the industry. Sony is positioned for real success here.


Anyone who is familiar with the design of the PlayStation Portable, or PSP, will be right at home with the PlayStation Vita. The main difference, of course, is that the Vita itself offers a larger screen with a touch panel. That gives users a more intuitive way to interact with the compact nature of the device’s industrial design.

All-black materials are used throughout the Vita’s design, except for a silver band that runs around the edge of the portable console. Controls are large enough, intuitive, and easy to use, enhancing the device’s usability. The design does feature entirely proprietary connectors, though, which will force buyers to pay a pretty penny for compatible accessories and cables.


Sony has gone to great lengths to bring the intuitive nature of its PlayStation interface design to the PlayStation Vita mobile device. The Vita uses a touchscreen to control most features, and Sony has smartly made sure that every line of text and every icon is large enough to be selected by the average index finger. Aside from that, the user interface is bright and descriptive. It really represents everything that Sony has stood for since the release of its inaugural PlayStation console and the original PlayStation Portable device.


The PlayStation Vita is focused on bringing the PlayStation experience out of the living room and into the real world, and that’s good news for gamers. Sony sells both Wi-Fi and 3G models, though Wi-Fi models are more common in international markets outside of the United States and Japan. Multi-player gaming can be enjoyed via these connections, as can a number of different media sources.

At launch, Sony offered an impressive number of typical PlayStation titles for the Vita, and it continues to ramp up the available options for buyers. Considering this device is primarily about gaming, and not about things like Netflix movies or Blu-Rays, the number of available games is directly responsible for its failure or success in the real world.


The PlayStation Vita ships with an ARM Cortex-A9 processor, and that’s a pretty impressive spec to note. The Vita itself is actually powered by a processor capable of driving a much more demanding smartphone, and that means that games load in record time and graphics are seriously impressive. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and fast-loading gaming experiences in the mobile marketplace, and that’s a big credit to Sony’s development and quality.


Sony has worked to become the world leader in portable gaming and, while it may not be there yet, the PlayStation Vita is bound to propel it further toward its goal. The system is light, responsive, and offers beautiful graphics. With plenty of titles available and two affordable models available for purchase, gamers win with the PlayStation Vita.

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