Sony PS3 320GB Review

The Good
  • Smaller footprint with a lighter overall weight
  • More affordable than Sony’s original PlayStation 3 models
  • Built-in network connectivity and entertainment features
The Bad
  • Can’t be used with PlayStation 2 games
  • Fewer online media options than the competing Xbox 360 250GB
  • Lack of IR port, making non-Bluetooth controls obsolete
The Verdict

The Sony PlayStation 3 320GB, sometimes called the PlayStation 3 Slim, is a compelling gaming and multimedia platform with few shortcomings.

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Sony PS3 320GB [Review]

As has been the case since the original PlayStation was released nearly two decades ago, Sony has followed up the release of its original PlayStation 3 console with a far smaller model that it variously refers to as either the Sony PlayStation 3 320GB or the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim. The model is significantly smaller than the original PlayStation 3 and packs a few new features that will make it a good buy in the hands of newcomers to the popular console.


The Sony PlayStation 3 320GB comes in a smaller form factor that fans of the console will appreciate. The trend in the console industry is always toward a smaller footprint with more overall power, so it’s no surprise that Sony would wish to follow up its original release of the PlayStation 3 with a more compact edition. The design of this smaller footprint follows exactly in the footsteps of the original model, which should be expected.

Design-wise, buyers are getting a miniaturized version of the PS3 console with significantly more storage than the original 80GB or 120GB models that Sony offered upon initial launch. The design aesthetic is arguably perfect, and therefore doesn’t merit a change with this refresh of the console line.


The user interface is as intuitive as it has always been. While Microsoft has rapidly changed the look and feel of its Xbox Dashboard, Sony’s human interface design has always been a step ahead and far easier to use. The same is true with the Sony PlayStation 3 320GB’s interface, and that’s good news. Even those new to PlayStation consoles will find it easy to navigate settings, obtain content online, and use included game features after purchase.


Perhaps the most notable new feature paired with the release of the Sony PlayStation 3 320GB model

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is the inclusion of Bluetooth for pairing controls with the console. Until now, Sony had used infrared technology when enabling wireless gaming in the home. Unfortunately, its inclusion of Bluetooth has resulted in the company dropping infrared technology altogether. Those consumers with infrared controllers will need to swap them out for newer models.

The console also drops the feature to install a Linux-based operating system on the included hard disk drive. Instead, users are stuck with what Sony gives them. The console retains its rich media features and HDMI outputs, though, which is another good thing.


There is nothing different about the performance of this model versus its larger predecessor. The Sony PlayStation 3 320GB ships with the same processor as the original model, though it has been shrunk from 60nm to 45nm. It also consumes less power and produces less heat, resulting in less fan noise than the original model. Games and Blu-Ray movies load relatively quickly, and that’s good, but buyers shouldn’t expect a performance jump at all.


The Sony PlayStation 3 320GB is a fantastic gaming console that improves over its predecessor in a few key ways. With more internal storage and the option to pair controllers using Bluetooth, the console makes a big leap forward in terms of technology. Its smaller size is refreshing, and its user interface is predictably robust and easy to use.

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